Run Free #LizzyStrong Women's Tee

$ 44.00

Liz Shepherd, 31 years old, battled cervical cancer for over two years. They detected cancer at the beginning of her pregnancy with her daughter Sophie, and were advised to abort the baby. She and her husband, Chris decided to keep the baby and began fighting for both Liz and Sophie's life. Sophie was born pre-mature and the #sophiestrong campaign was started. Liz started treatment and continued battling cancer. She was such an inspiration throughout her fight. Always serving, always encouraging others, always smiling. She lived in Arizona for about 5 months getting treatment at a special clinic. The family believed they were winning the battle until early September when doctors detected 2 cancerous masses in her body. Liz was admitted into the clinic in Arizona again where she remained until her home going on October 19th, 2015. She was survived by her husband Chris and daughter Sophie. 

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